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The people behind HPM.com.

Tony Gregory - Owner HiPo Mustang Registry - HiPo Mustang Guru

  • The man who realized .75% of nearly anything is a small amount. In terms of Mustang production, a number low enough that HiPo enthusiasts deserved a reference which highlighted the sometimes subtle, sometimes drastic differences between these pony siblings.
  • Tony identified the void, stepped up, and decided to fill it. He hopes you enjoy and find useful the fruits of his and many other dedicated HiPo Mustang owners' labor.
Marv Shaner - HiPo Aficionado - Gatherer and keeper of obscure HiPo Mustang knowledge
  • Marv, a retired software engineer, devoted much of his leisure time to compiling the part number information and tracking down HiPo Mustangs far and wide.
  • The Fourth Edition of the registry is a collaboration of Tony's original idea to locate and track HiPo Mustangs and Marv's passion for conducting research on his favorite past time.
Hank Doby - HiPo Mustang owner - Systems Engineer
  • Hank, a K-Code owner since 1988, volunteered his time because he wanted to see the HiPo Mustang have a site of its own.
  • The site is supported soley by donations to cover the cost of maintaining it. Your gracious support is appreciated.
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